How to Shop for Gluten-Free Products Online - dummies

How to Shop for Gluten-Free Products Online

By Nancy McEachern

Shopping online may be a good solution for getting that great gluten-free bread you read about. Maybe you’re in a spot where stores that carry gluten-free goods are hard to come by. Or maybe you tried a favorite somewhere and it’s only available online.

Unfortunately, Internet shopping can be really expensive. If you buy just a couple of products online, shipping costs can be more than your order. And if you need your products delivered quickly, the costs can skyrocket!

Try the following tricks to help keep prices reasonable:

  • Buy from websites that have no shipping charge when possible — or buy a lot at once to save on shipping. Many sites offer free shipping if you purchase a certain amount in one order, and some have a very small fixed shipping charge.

    If you can’t afford to buy in large enough quantities to make shipping fees manageable — or if you can’t use that much food before it goes bad — consider sharing an order with friends and splitting the shipping costs.

  • Utilize gluten-free deal sites such as Gluten Free Deals and Gluten-Free Saver. With these sites, you buy a voucher for a product at a discount and then redeem the voucher at a store or online.

  • Look for “Deal of the Day” specials for many gluten-free products on company sites like Jules Gluten Free.

  • Compare prices of gluten-free products using search engines such as Google. On the Shopping tab of the search engine, type in a product and look at the price comparison. Search-engine comparisons often even tell you whether the shipping is free.