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How to Save Money on a Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten-free diets don’t need to be expensive. Much of the extra cost comes from specialty products, although cheaper alternatives usually are available from a local grocer. Generic brands also offer a low-cost alternative.

Take a look at how many and what types of specialty items you buy. Pasta, some special-occasion treats, and maybe some bread or bagels are important to have on hand, but most people buy more specialty items than they need.

If you do buy specialty items, you can find ways to save on shipping. For one, you can ask your local grocery or natural foods store to carry the product you want — that way the store pays for the shipping, not you. If you’re ordering online, order from a company that sells many different brands of products. That way, you pay one shipping charge for several different brands.

As far as generic brands go, those products are usually as clearly labeled as major brands so don’t be afraid to try them.

If you want more information about a store’s generic products, call its toll-free number and ask to talk with the head of quality control or the nutrition department.

Nutritious eating can also help save money because the foods you buy will keep you full. Specialty snack foods are generally less healthy and will make you hungrier. On that note, it is also less expensive to eat-in. Doing so ensures that you get a completely gluten-free, healthy meal and that you save money.