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How to Date while on a Gluten-Free Diet

By Nancy McEachern

In an ideal world, you find a special someone who’s good-looking, funny, smart, caring, and also on a gluten-free diet. It can happen, but it’s not too likely. In fact, some people have to deal with a girlfriend or boyfriend who’s hostile toward their gluten-free diet.

It sounds crazy, but this situation is more common than you may think. Your significant other needs to show respect for your needs and health goals. If not, you may need to consider that this person isn’t the best relationship fit for you, especially if you’re committed to a gluten-free diet forever.

When dating, avoid being negative about other people’s food choices, acting like a know-it-all, and discussing gastrointestinal issues. That’s not hot. Instead, try one of these tactics:

  • Pick places for dates that offer good gluten-free choices (most do, including many fast food places).

  • Gauge your date’s level of respect for you by how well she respects your food choices.

  • Avoid talking about your food choices, diet needs, or the results of not following your diet during a meal.

  • Cook for or with a date to show her how delicious gluten-free fare can be and how it’s prepared.

Okay, on to the important stuff: Kissing. If your date eats gluten or drinks a gluten-filled beer, should you ask her to brush her teeth or at least rinse well so you can safely make out? Should you both eat gluten-free at a meal if you want the option of more-spontaneous kissing later? It depends on why you’re gluten free.

If you have a serious wheat allergy or a very sensitive case of celiac disease, the answer is yes. If extremely tiny amounts of gluten cause negative effects when you eat them, they may also affect you negatively when someone else eats them and then kisses you. Lipstick also needs to be gluten-free.

The good news is that you can quickly gauge who is worth more of your time by how they respond to your needs. And just think how well their dental visits will go from now on with all that brushing!