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Shop Farmer’s Markets for Your Diabetic Meal Plan

By Alan L. Rubin, Cait James

One of the best innovations of the last decade has been the proliferation of farmer’s markets, which bring together produce from local farmers with extremely fresh fish and poultry. There is nothing tastier than an heirloom tomato just picked by the farmer and sold to you that day.

Many of the farmers have made their farms organic, which means their produce is free from harmful pesticides. Although farmer’s markets often include bakeries, you can easily walk past those stands. If you do stop there, opt for delicious, freshly baked whole-wheat breads — they’re wonderful on your Mediterranean diet.

The vegetables at farmer’s markets have just been picked and are at the peak of their taste — unlike those in the supermarkets, which are grown more for their lasting qualities than their taste. The same is true of the fruits. Compare farmer’s market strawberries with supermarket strawberries, and you’ll never buy supermarket strawberries again.

The produce you find there can cost a bit more than produce in the supermarkets (but often they cost less!). If the produce does cost more, the difference is worth every penny. Plus, you’re supporting local growers and getting the best that money can buy. The produce may be very seasonal, but who says that melons should be enjoyed in January?

The other noteworthy thing about the farmer’s markets is the general air of festivity to be found there. Everyone is smiling! Farmers are happy to explain how they grow the produce and which ones they most recommend. If by chance you buy something and it isn’t up to your standard, the farmer will likely replace it the next week or give you your money back.

And you can taste everything! It’s okay to go to the farmer’s market hungry — the fruits and vegetables you taste won’t hurt you!