Best Snack Food Choices for Diabetics - dummies

By Toby Smithson, Alan L. Rubin

Who doesn’t love crunchy snacks? If you do, it’s best to share your love only with the snacks that love you back, and that means studying the nutrition labels for fat, carbohydrate (both potatoes and corn are carbohydrate foods), sodium, and added sugar.

About 12 to15 potato or corn chips make a 15 carbohydrate gram carb choice, and those few chips can come with 10 grams of fat or more, and 10 percent of your daily recommendation for sodium.

Better choices for snacking would include nuts, but even though carbohydrates aren’t an issue, added salt can be, and the fat content of nuts keeps the recommended serving size modest.

Your best option for snacking may very well be popcorn. You can eat 3 cups of air-popped popcorn for the same carbohydrates you’ll get in 12 tortilla chips, plus popcorn is a whole grain. The small amount of oil added for microwave cooking gives you a couple of grams of fat, and if you select non-salted popcorn you put the sodium amount in your own hands.

Other snacks may work well in moderation, but moderation and snacking often aren’t compatible concepts. Give popcorn a try.