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10 Budget Ideas for Thanksgiving Decorating

Decorating for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Use items around your home or from nature to create a welcoming Thanksgiving atmosphere. Check out the following Thanskgiving decoration ideas that take minimal time and effort and are very inexpensive, but still have a great effect. Also, many of these ideas can be applied to creating a relaxing ambiance for the entire fall season!

  • Use throws: Use cozy throws for table toppers, or drape them on chair or sofa arms.

  • Light your fireplace: Nothing’s more beautiful or soothing on a crisp, cool day or evening than the orange glow of a fire. Be sure to place some cookies and tea or cider on a nearby table for visitors to snack on. The treats not only provide guests with refreshments, but also add to the overall visual effect.

  • Use candles: Place a few autumn leaves on a surface and then start piling on a grouping of a few candles in staggering heights. (Make sure that you’re not piling so many on that you cause a fire hazard!) Toss a few nuts (in the shell), cranberries, and/or some moss at the base of the candles, and you’re set. Even better, use battery-operated candles for worry-free ambiance.

  • Reuse uncut Halloween pumpkins: If you used an assortment of pumpkins for Halloween decorations, and they remained uncut, reuse them in a fall arrangement. You can also place these in a simple grouping of three or more for an impact of color in your décor, or stack them vertically (on top of each other on a sturdy garden urn) for an instant pumpkin topiary.

  • Core apples and mini pumpkins for impromptu candleholders: Carve out the centers of each and place taper, votive, or tealight candles in each one. If you’re worried about tipping, place each apple or pumpkin in a martini glass, or wedge them into the cups of an old muffin tin and cover the exposed tin areas with moss and small red berries.

  • Add a table runner to a dining or sofa table: Purchase or make one in velvet or soft, scrumptious chenille in autumnal colors such as dark gold or aubergine. This tiny splash of color adds a big punch to your décor.

  • Arrange a few bare branches in a pot or urn: Place them in a corner or on top of a dining table for a dramatic statement. If you have a chandelier, weave the branches in between the arms to reach toward the ceiling. The light will cast shadows and highlight the branches beautifully on a cool Thanksgiving evening.

    [Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/GenNealPhoto 2012]
    Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/GenNealPhoto 2012
  • Gather birch logs, twigs, and pine cones in large baskets: Set them by the fireplace. Not only are they great for stoking the fire, but they also add a casual touch of nature in a beautiful way. Scent them by adding a few drops of cinnamon or vanilla oil for an added bonus!

  • Add small touches in neutral colors: Filling a tall clear glass vase with acorns, pecans, and other assorted nuts in shells adds an autumnal touch that really makes a big statement in smaller spaces.

  • Enlist the kids for these decorating tasks:

    Gather autumn leaves: Shove a rake in the hand of every willing and able body to gather autumn leaves for Thanksgiving decorating. Freshly fallen leaves are perfect ― flaws and all ― for spreading out on a table around candles and centerpieces or stringing one on top of the other for a stacked leaf garland.

    Create centerpieces: Kids will love creating individual centerpieces. This project is quick and easy to do ― perfect for placing on small tables and keeping little hands busy. Gather an assortment of mini pumpkins, gourds, nuts, batter-operated candles, and baskets or plates for each child. Place a large pillar candle in the middle of the basket or plate and then let each child start placing the items around the base of the candles until he or she gets the desired look.

With these tips, you too can possess all of the holiday decorating requirements to turn your home into a festive atmosphere ripe for hosting a Thanksgiving get-together. Also, be sure to check out Thanskgiving Decorating Ideas from Nature to help minimize expenses.