How to Declutter Kitchen Countertops - dummies

How to Declutter Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are the most overlooked item in many kitchens. The counter is where you set out and prepare food (often on a cutting board), stack plates, put appliances, and lose car keys amid the clutter. A clean, clear countertop can inspire great meals:

  • Keep counters neat and clean. Food preparation goes much more quickly when you have sufficient room for all of your ingredients, tools, and cookware. So many kitchen counters are cluttered with paraphernalia that they become nearly useless.

  • Put away appliances you don’t use often. The most important key for organizing your counter space is to keep it clear of most stuff. Unless you use an appliance at least several times a week — the coffee machine, toaster, and blender, for example — put it away. That’s precious work space you’re filling up with all that stuff.

  • Keep non-kitchen items off the countertops. A kitchen counter isn’t a magazine rack, plant holder, wine bin, or phone book shelf, so try not to use it for these purposes if you actually want to cook.