Cleaning While You Cook - dummies

Cleaning While You Cook

Clean up while you cook. Cleaning while you cook may seem like an obvious tip, but not everyone does it. Some people can make a tuna salad sandwich and instead of cleaning while they work, they leave the kitchen looking like a hurricane went through it. Between steps in your recipe, you can take some easy clean-up actions:

  • Wash and put away knives that you use.

  • Clean utensils when you’re done with them.

  • Wipe down counters.

  • Return food to the refrigerator.

Cleaning your kitchen while you cook keeps you thinking clearly and discourages household pets from jumping onto countertops. Plus, cleaning up as you go frees up that spatula or whisk for the next step of the recipe. And returning utensils to their proper places avoids a panic-stricken search.