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Types of Vinegar

Vinegar comes in many different forms (all of them tart!). Although red or white wine is the most common liquid base, anything that ferments can be used to make vinegar. Here are the common types of vinegar used in foods:

  • Cider vinegar: Made from apples, this strong, clear, brown vinegar holds up well with pungent greens and is especially good in marinades.

  • White vinegar: Colorless and sharp, white vinegar is distilled from assorted grains, and it’s terrific in cold rice or pasta salads.

  • Red or white wine vinegar: Made from any number of red or white wines, this vinegar is full bodied and perfect for dressing pungent, dark greens.

  • Rice vinegar: Common to Japan and China, rice vinegars are less tart than white vinegars and combine well with sesame oil.

  • Balsamic vinegar: A dark, sweet, syrupy vinegar. Use it on salads, in sauces, or drizzled over fresh fruit.

Experiment with different vinegars to find ones with flavors you enjoy.