Types of Sweet Fruit Spreads - dummies

Types of Sweet Fruit Spreads

Sweet fruit spreads, generically referred to as preserves, come in many forms and textures. You can find sweet fruit spreads in your local supermarket, or you can make them yourself. The types of sweet fruit spreads include

  • Butter: This smooth, thick spread is made from fruit purée and sugar cooked for a long period of time. The results are a thick spread.

    Butters normally use less sugar than other sweet spreads and may have spices added to enhance the flavor of the fruit.

  • Conserves: Usually contain two fruits, mixed with sugar and nuts, cooked to achieve a consistency similar to jam.

  • Jam: A combination of fruit (crushed or chopped), sugar, and sometimes pectin and acid, cooked until the pieces of fruit are soft and almost lose their shape.

  • Jelly: Combines fruit juice, sugar, and sometimes pectin. It’s transparent with a bright color and should be firm, yet jiggly.

  • Marmalade: Soft jellies with pieces of fruit rind, usually citrus fruit, suspended in them.

  • Preserves: In addition to representing all sweet spreads, preserves have a definition of their own. They contain cooked fruit, sugar, and sometimes pectin and have a jam-like consistency, but with whole or large pieces of fruit. The fruit maintains its shape during the cooking process.