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How to Organize Your Pantry

Keep the pantry well organized so you can see and easily reach the cooking staples and dry goods you use most. Organizing the pantry will save time as you cook — and you’ll save money. How many times have you bought something only to find it already in the pantry, buried behind disorganized bottles, boxes, and bags?

Whether you have an entire room or closet or just a cabinet or two, an organized pantry is the key to efficiency.

  • Install organizational tools. You can mount racks on the inside of your pantry’s doors and install handy roll-out shelves. Look for kits in hardware or kitchen stores.

  • Arrange pantry items in a system that makes sense to you. A good cabinet or closet system enables you to know exactly what’s in your pantry, and where.

  • Use clear storage containers. Store dried beans, pasta, different kinds of rice, flour, sugar, tea, and coffee in large glass or clear plastic jars with lids.. This type of storage is practical and looks professional, too.

  • Position often-used items closer to your work area. If you use something all the time, consider taking it out of the pantry and storing it closer to your stove or workstation, in a cabinet or shelf.