Science Fair: A Checklist for Your Project Idea

By Maxine Levaren

Part of Science Fair Projects For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you come up with an idea for your science fair project, ask yourself these 12 questions to determine if the project is doable based on your knowledge, skills, finances, and other factors:

  • Do my parents and teacher approve?

  • What’s the estimated total cost?

  • Can my family afford it?

  • Do I have the knowledge to do this project?

  • Is there enough information available?

  • What supplies do I need (and where can I find them)?

  • Can I finish by the due date?

  • Is it safe?

  • Is it too controversial?

  • Do I know anyone who can help me with my project?

  • Does my idea follow the rules for student ­science projects?

  • Where can I find the necessary forms?