Are you ready to rock? Discover how old the planet is, how continents move, and how your daily life would be impossible without the stuff of the earth.

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Geology For Dummies

Published 04-07-2020

Get a rock-solid grasp on geology

Geology For Dummies is ideal reading for anyonewith an interest in the fundamental concepts of geology, whether they're lifelong learners with a fascination for the subject or college students interested in pursuing geology or earth sciences.

Presented in a straightforward, trusted format—and tracking to a typical introductory geology course at the college level—this book features a thorough introduction to the study of earth, its materials, and its processes.

  • Rock records and geologic time  
  • Large-scale motion of tectonic plates  
  • Matter, minerals, and rocks  
  • The geological processes on earth's surface  

Rock that geology class with Geology For Dummies!

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