Remembering Electronic Resistor Colour Codes - dummies

Remembering Electronic Resistor Colour Codes

By Dickon Ross, Doug Lowe

Part of Electronics All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Resistor values are marked with small coloured stripes. The first two stripes represent numeric values and the third stripe is a multiplier. The fourth stripe gives you the resistor’s tolerance; that is, it tells you how close to the indicated value you can expect the resistance to be.

For example, a resistor with brown, black, orange and gold stripes is a 10,000-ohm resistor whose actual resistance may vary by as much as 10 per cent.

Here’s the full list to keep handy:

Colour Digit Multiplier (in Ohms) Tolerance (%)
Black 0 1 20
Brown 1 10 1
Red 2 100 2
Orange 3 1 k 3
Yellow 4 10 k 4
Green 5 100 k
Blue 6 1 M
Violet 7 10 M
Grey 8 100 M
White 9 1,000 M
Gold 0.1 5
Silver 0.01 10