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Google Sites & Chrome For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Google Sites and Chrome For Dummies

By Ryan Teeter, Karl Barksdale

Google Sites lets you build websites to share documents online from various locations. Google Chrome is Google’s browser. Start using both by understanding where you’ll log into Google Sites, and about the various tools that can make your Google Site’s page layout feature the exact content you want it to. You’ll find Google Chrome more helpful if you use its keyboard shortcuts.

Google Sites Login Address

iGoogle is your personalized Google page, whereas Google Apps is made up of five fully functioning online applications: Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Talk, and Site. Here’s how to get to both.

User Address
Google Apps

Google Sites Page Layouts

Google Sites enables you to change the appearance of your website by editing your site’s layout, themes, colors, and fonts. And you can use a variety of tools to manage the content that goes onto your Google website.

Page Layout What It’s Useful For
Web Page Creating a generic page with text, graphics, gadgets and
Dashboard Sharing gadgets and information from other pages on your
Announcements Sharing news information or blog entries.
File Cabinet Uploading files and keeping track of multiple versions.
List Keeping track of projects, assignments, and so on.

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

You can navigate your way through Google Chrome faster by using keyboard shortcuts. Here’s a list of shortcuts that work on Google Chrome, and what they do.

Keyboard Shortcut What It Does
Ctrl+T Opens a new tab.
Ctrl+W Closes the current tab.
Ctrl+Tab Cycles through current tabs.
Ctrl+N Opens a new window.
Ctrl+Shift+N Opens a new incognito window.
Ctrl+Shift+T Opens the last tab you closed.
Alt+Home Opens your home page.
Ctrl+L Jumps to the Omnibox.
Ctrl+K Searches for a word in the Omnibox.
Ctrl+F Finds text in an open page.
Ctrl++ Increases the font size.
Ctrl+- Decreases the font size.
Ctrl+0 Restores the normal font size.
Ctrl+B Shows/hides the bookmarks bar.
Ctrl+H Opens your browsing history.
Ctrl+J Loads your downloads page.
Ctrl+X Cuts.
Ctrl+C Copies.
Ctrl+V Pastes.
Ctrl+P Prints the current tab.
Shift+Esc Opens the Tab Task Manager