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Shopping Tips for Black Friday

If you are a serious shopper, you already know that Black Friday is billed as the biggest shopping day of the year. Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving when many people have an extra day off work. It is the official opening of the Christmas shopping season.

Many retailers offer special deals on this day and have special store hours. For example, a store may open at 4 a.m., a time when people are normally home sleeping. Despite the inconvenience of having to be up and out so early, you will be likely to find great deals on merchandise at these early bird sales. Shoppers often line up hours before stores open to get the best deal on toys and electronics.

Shoppers have been known to behave badly, pushing and shoving. In recent years people have been injured and in one extreme case, a Wal-Mart employee was killed as shoppers stampeded into the store.

Shopping on Black Friday can save you a lot of money on some big ticket items, but keep these tips in mind to improve your shopping experience:

  • Make a list: Know what you want to buy before you head into the crowded stores. You won’t save money by buying things you don’t need even if they are marked down to the lowest prices of the season.

  • Check the retailer ads: Many retailer Web sites have ads telling what will be offered on sale on Black Friday. Cross-check your wish list with the sale items to determine where to shop.

  • Get to sales early: Many stores stock a very limited number of the big-draw items. So if you want to get the best deal on the hottest new techie toy for your loved one, get there before they sell out.

  • Check for coupons: On Web sites and in print media you can frequently find coupons for discounts on merchandise beyond the already low Black Friday prices. Check retailer Web sites.

  • Take your sense of humor: Stores are very crowded on Black Friday. Having a sense of humor will help you remain patient while standing in long lines.