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How to Wrap Gifts Like a Pro

A beautifully wrapped gift is a gift in itself; it takes time and is an artful expression of the giver. Knowing how to wrap gifts like a pro requires patience, skill, and plenty of space.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when wrapping your next gift:

  • Select a large, clean, hard surface (that means the back seat of the SUV is out). Try using your kitchen table.

  • Have a clean, empty box nearby to hold rolls of paper when they’re not in use.

  • Keep a small basket or plastic bin nearby with sharp scissors, gift tags, pens or markers, ribbon, bows, and anything else you like to use for adornments.

  • Get an office tape dispenser and load it up with double-sided transparent tape.

  • Because scissors never seem to cut a straight line, do what the pros do and fold a small amount of paper under to make a straight edge. Your wrapping will look tidier, and you’ll be able to match up the pattern.

  • Here’s the step that’ll put a subtle but professional touch on your gift: Before you add the ribbon and other embellishments, put a sharp crease on all the edges of the box. Run each edge between your thumb and the side of your forefinger.

  • Make sure that you use plenty of bows and ribbon, and consider attaching sprigs of greenery, bells, silk or real flowers, cookie cutters, or any other embellishments that seem appropriate.

If you’ve ever searched for small boxes for the little treats you give out at the holidays, you know that finding them isn’t easy. Thankfully, you can purchase kits that contain patterns, box blanks, and everything you need to craft your own boxes. You can find them in craft stores or you can order them online.

Love the look of a pile of presents under the tree or on a table? Gift-wrap a bunch of empty boxes of all sizes and pile or stack them for a great Christmas decoration.