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How to Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Christmas gifts doesn’t have to be expensive. Brown craft paper and white butcher paper are cost-effective alternatives to sometimes high-priced wrapping paper.

Craft paper and butcher paper are available at restaurant supply stores or paper warehouses. You can purchase a single bulk roll, which varies from 800 to 950 feet long. You’ll rarely pay more than twenty bucks for the whole roll, and you can design your wrapping paper as you go along.

Painting, stenciling, and stamping are popular ways of customizing your wrapping paper, but you can also try using stickers, press-on decals, beads, or other creative finds. Because these papers are neutral colors, you can design them to match any theme or color scheme. You’re only limited to your imagination.

Newspapers are often used in a pinch to wrap presents inexpensively. Instead of looking cheesy and cheap by wrapping up a gift in the comic section, try using newspapers in an artful way.

Simple black-and-white newsprint provides a great backdrop for a striking red fabric bow to pop off of. Add a handmade tag, and your chintzy wrapping will look tailor-made.

Use cool or unusual newspapers, like the stock market section of The Wall Street Journal, to wrap up a gift for a money-conscious friend or relative, or use a Chinese-language newspaper to wrap up gifts for a Chinese New Year celebration. A little thought can provide a wrapping bonanza.