How to Make Decorated Barrettes - dummies

By Heather Dismore

Making beaded barrettes is a great craft project for little girls. They can give the finished barrettes to their friends for Christmas. This would be a great holiday craft project to do with your Brownie or Girl Scout troop.

Buy plain barrettes at your local drug or discount store and decorate them with your personal style. Choose bead colors to coordinate with an outfit or a school spirit day.

Collect the following tools and materials

  • Paint brush

  • Paper plate or shallow dish

  • Selection of glittery bugle beads. You’ll need enough to create a shallow layer of beads in the paper plate.

  • 2 autoclasp style barrettes with flat face, any size

  • Clear drying craft glue

Then follow these steps:

  1. Spread the beads on the paper plate.

    For a variation, use tiny seed beads and contour clip barrettes. For best results, open the barrette before applying glue. Keep it open until the glue dries completely.

  2. Paint the barrette face with craft glue.

    Take care not to glue the clasp shut. Keep glue only on the flat face of the barrette. If you accidentally glue the clasp, wipe it off while it’s still wet.

  3. Dip the barrette, glue side down, into the beads. Continue dipping the barrette into the beads until the beads cover the entire surface. Press the beads into place, as necessary.

  4. Let glue dry entirely, before wrapping.

    Glittery Bugle Bead Barrette (before and after).
    Glittery Bugle Bead Barrette (before and after).