How to Make a Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card - dummies

How to Make a Pop-Up Christmas Tree Card

By Rob Ives

Making your own Christmas cards is a great way to save money while spreading holiday cheer. It’s super easy to learn how to make a pop-up card for the holiday season. This do-it-yourself card, with a Christmas tree that pops up, is a great craft project for older children. Using a single sheet of card and no glue at all, you can make simple but a great looking Christmas tree pop-up card.

You do need to use a sharp craft knife to create the pop-up effect, so make sure you supervise small children or do the cutting for them.

1Gather your materials.

You need 1 sheet of thin white card; pencil and eraser; ruler; scissors; sharp craft knife; cutting mat.

2Using a pencil and ruler, mark out the card.

Draw the curves freehand, trying to get them centered over the center crease.

3Score along the dotted and dashed lines with the point of a pair of scissors.

Older children should have no problem with this step, but younger kids may need some help.

4Cut all the internal cut lines with a sharp craft knife.

To make a cut with a sharp craft knife, place the piece of paper in the middle of a cutting mat and carefully cut out the shape. If you are supper accurate, the spare pieces will drop out as you pick up the card.

5Fold the card in half and push the inner pieces toward the center as you do so.

With the pop-up card folded closed, run a fingernail over the crease lines to make sure they’re crisp and sharp.