How to Make a Friendship Bracelet - dummies

By Heather Dismore

Homemade friendship bracelets are inexpensive Christmas gifts that children can make and give. Colorful friendship bracelets are made by tying patterns of knots in colorful thread. They are safe to wear for kids of all ages, and are a great way to introduce your kids to weaving, one of the earliest forms of jewelry making.

To make a basic, diagonally striped friendship bracelet, gather your materials and follow the steps:


  • Notebook or clipboard (use any flat surface that will help you keep your bracelet straight and flat)

  • 3 strands of different-colored embroidery floss (green, pink, and white)

  • Masking tape (use this to tape your bracelet to your notebook or clipboard while you’re tying knots)

  1. Match up your strands of embroidery floss. Measure out the proper length for your embroidery floss.

    To make sure your bracelet is long enough, measure from the tip of your fingers to your shoulder, and then double it. If you’re making the bracelet for a child, measure from his finger to shoulder. This process should give you enough thread to tie all the knots for a bracelet long enough to go around his wrist.

  2. Fold the measured floss strand in half exactly in the middle.

  3. With the fold in tact, form a loop in the center of the threads. Tie an overhand knot at the bottom of the loop, leaving the loop approximately 1 inch long.

    Tie an overhand knot.
    Tie an overhand knot.
  4. Attach the loop under the clip on the clipboard or tape it to a notebook.

  5. Separate the threads in an alternating color pattern. The order you separate them into will be the order the stripes form in your bracelet.

    Begin tying knots.
    Begin tying knots.
  6. Begin tying figure-four knots like the one step b above. Using your first string, tie a knot around each of the remaining 5 strings in order. Your first string is now at the end of the 6 strings.

  7. Repeat Step 5 with each of the remaining 5 strings. You should be able to see the pattern emerging at this point.

    If your bracelet starts to twist as you tie knots, apply tape down the length of the bracelet to keep it flat.

  8. Continue to tie knots until you’re left with a couple of inches of unknotted thread.

  9. Wrap your bracelet around your wrist. Have someone tie off your bracelet by separating your 6 strands. Insert half the strands through your loop. Tie the two groups of strands together into a square knot.