How to Make a Beaded Picture Frame - dummies

By Heather Dismore

Give an old or scratched picture frame a brand new look by covering it in beads. A beaded picture frame is a budget-friendly Christmas gift that’s perfect for children to make. If you don’t have old frames, buy inexpensive, unfinished ones at your local crafts store.

A finished beaded picture frame.

A finished beaded picture frame.

For this beaded picture frame, you need the following materials:

  • Cloth napkin or dishtowel

  • Small bead scoop (optional)

  • 4 x 4-inch wood picture frame

  • Craft glue suitable for wood and glass, clear drying

  • Approximately 2,000 (20 grams) size 15/0 seed beads, assorted colors

  1. Lay the napkin on top of your work surface.

    At the end of the project, you’ll lift this up for easy bead cleanup.

  2. Remove the easel, mat, and glass (if necessary) from your picture frame. Set aside. Lay the frame flat, facing up on your napkin.

  3. Cover the top of the frame with glue. Use the tip of the glue bottle to spread the glue around to thoroughly and evenly cover the top of the frame.

  4. Pour seed beads slowly over your frame. Pick beads up from the workspace and reapply to the frame as necessary to thoroughly cover the frame.

    Add glue to the wood frame for the best bead coverage.
    Add glue to the wood frame for the best bead coverage.

    Tip the frame up to look inside the frame, next to where the glass will be. You may need to either apply glue here or apply extra beads. This step will help you completely cover the front of the frame. The fewer gaps the better. But don’t worry if you see some glue. Because you’re using the clear drying variety, you won’t see it after it’s dry.

  5. After you’re satisfied with the bead coverage on your frame, set it aside and let it cure overnight.

    Don’t put the frame back together until it’s completely dry. You could accidentally glue the frame to the glass, ruining your beautiful new frame. Be patient, the results are worth it.

  6. Lift your napkin up and carefully pour the leftover beads back into their container.