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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies

By Dan Gookin

Both a phone and a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gives you a roomy screen, the ability to draw pictures, connectivity, and a wealth of Android phone applications. This Cheat Sheet provides you with shortcuts, tips, tricks, and other useful information to help make your Note 3 experience pleasant and productive.

The Galaxy Note Home Screen

The Note’s Home screen is where you start the apps, work the widgets, and check out notification and status icons. You have several Home screens to choose from.


The Galaxy Note Navigation Buttons

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features three navigation buttons, found below the touchscreen. This table explains how to use these buttons and what they do.


Galaxy Note Touchscreen Operations

Performing various day-to-day operations on your Galaxy Note’s touchscreen is just a matter of teaching your fingers to do what you want them to.

Action How to Do It
Touch Touch the screen.
Double-tap Touch the screen twice in the same location.
Long-press Touch a spot on the screen and keep your finger down.
Swipe Touch a spot on the screen and drag your finger left, right,
up, or down.
Flick Do the same thing as a swipe (except faster).
Pinch Use two fingers to touch the screen and bring both fingers
together as you continue to touch the screen.
Spread Use two fingers close together and then spread them apart,
touching the screen as you spread them.
Rotate Touch the screen with two fingers, and then twist them around a
central point, as though you’re turning the dial on a

Things to Remember about Your Galaxy Note

Here’s an assortment of handy, time-saving tricks to keep in mind to boost your productivity (or your hopeless addiction to your new Galaxy Note 3 phone):

  • Lock the phone when you’re on a call: Press the Power Lock button. The screen goes dark; the touchscreen is off. That way, you can talk without fear that something will touch the screen to mess things up.

  • Dictation! You can speak into the phone as an effective and quick alternative to using the onscreen keyboard. Just look for the Microphone icon.

  • Activate both the predictive text and keyboard swipe features for rapid text entry.

  • Press and hold a key on the onscreen keyboard to confirm that your stubby fingers have selected the correct character.

  • Spread your fingers to zoom into a web page, where it’s much easier to tap (choose) links.

  • Quickly put the Galaxy Note into Vibration mode by pressing the Volume Down button until the phone jiggles.

  • When downloading updates or new apps, or for faster web browsing, activate the Galaxy Note’s Wi-Fi.

  • Use Google Now to control the phone with your voice or search the Internet.

Galaxy Note Help and Support

If you happen to find yourself in serious phone trouble, here’s a smattering of trusted places to check out for help with your Galaxy Note:



Sprint Nextel

  • From your cell: *2

  • From any phone: 800-211-4727

  • On the web: Sprint



Google Support