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Why You Might Manually Download to a NOOK Tablet

By Corey Sandler

You might need to manually download content in certain situations, instead of relying on it to automatically appear. Here are some:

  • You bought digital content and it wasn’t automatically downloaded to your NOOK Tablet. This might have happened if your WiFi connection was terminated before the content was fully downloaded.

  • You subscribed to a periodical but you (and your NOOK Tablet) have been out of WiFi reach.

  • Your NOOK automatically deleted content because its internal memory was nearly full.

  • You unregister and re-register your device to the same Barnes & Noble online account.

If an automatic or manual download fails (most often because of wireless connection problems), the NOOK Tablet will retry several times. If the download doesn’t succeed, wait for a while and retry a manual download in an area where you have a strong WiFi signal.

The only way to connect to the Barnes & Noble website or elsewhere on the Internet from your NOOK Tablet is through a WiFi network. The NOOK Tablet eReader doesn’t offer a cellular connection. And the supplied USB cable can transfer files from your computer; you can’t connect through that computer to the Internet from the NOOK Tablet.