Side-Load Abilities on the NOOK Tablet - dummies

Side-Load Abilities on the NOOK Tablet

By Corey Sandler

In addition to the ability to download files from the Internet via WiFi connection, you can bring files to a NOOK Tablet by side-loading, too. Side-loading means moving a copy of a file from your laptop or personal computer to your NOOK Tablet using the USB cable that comes with the device (or an identical replacement cable).

Use only the USB cable provided with your NOOK Tablet or an exact duplicate. There are many different types of USB cables and using the wrong one could damage the physical connector and cause tablet troubles.

What kind of files can you side-load onto a NOOK Tablet? There are two answers, so I’ll give you both:

  • You can store any compatible audio, video, picture, text, spreadsheet, presentation, or book file on your NOOK Tablet and use it to play them back. The NOOK Tablet can read the following file types:

    • EPUB. The default format for books.

    • PDF. Another format used for some books and publications, and for things like catalogs, instruction manuals, and documents.

    • Word. Microsoft Office text files in doc, docx, docm, dot, dotx, and dotm formats.

    • Excel. Microsoft Office spreadsheet files in xls, xlsx, xlsm, xlt, xltx, and xltm formats.

    • PowerPoint. Microsoft Office presentation files in ppt, pptx, pptm, pps, ppsx, ppsm, pot, potx, and potm formats. (Special effects including animations, transitions, and multi-image slides will not show those features on the tablet.)


    • Plain text. Unformatted text from many sources, stored as a txt file.

    • Web pages. Material stored using HTML, stored as htm, html, or xhtml files.

    • Comic book archive. One great leap for man (and womankind): an advanced scheme for comic books, stored using the cbz format.

    • Music, video, and image files.

    • Music and audio. The NOOK Tablet can play files in any of these formats: aac, amr, mid, midi, mp3, m4a, ogg, or wav.

    • Video. The tablet can play media files as large as 2GB, in any of these formats: Adobe Flash, 3gp, 3g2, mkv, mp4, or m4v.

    • Images. The preferred format is jpg.

  • You can place any kind of electronic file — including formats that won’t work on the tablet— as if the tablet were an external hard drive.

As delivered, the NOOK Table can open and display or play any of the file formats listed. The facility, though, is read-only; you can’t edit or change them. However, you can buy apps that let you do some basic Microsoft Office editing.

Always keep backup copies of important files on your personal computer. That’s true even if you use your NOOK Tablet as a backup device for some of your files when you travel. For example, if you’re traveling to give a presentation, you can store copies of PowerPoint and Word files on the device as a second copy in case your laptop fails or disappears.