Power Adapters for the NOOK Tablet - dummies

By Corey Sandler

It is extraordinarily important to use the right power adapter with your NOOK Tablet. Substituting other power adapters for the one that came with your NOOK tablet could ruin the device. Here’s the low down on what you can and cannot use to power your NOOK Tablet:

The NOOK Tablet AC adapter is a small cube that plugs into a wall outlet or power strip. To use it, you also need to attach the microUSB cable to the cube at one end and to your tablet at the other.


You can’t use just any old AC adapter and cable to recharge your NOOK Tablet; it has a pretty strong battery that makes fairly high demands on adapters and wiring. Specifically, don’t use power supplies from the original NOOK or the NOOK Simple Touch.

However, the AC adapter and cable for the NOOKcolor is interchangeable with the NOOK Tablet. So, too, are most other accessories made for the NOOKcolor. (However, some NOOK Tablet accessories won’t work on the NOOKcolor. When in doubt, check with B&N.)

You can also buy a car charger for your NOOK Tablet; check the accessories page or your local Barnes & Noble store for availability. Please, though, don’t try to read a book while driving down I-95.