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Overview of the NOOK Tablet’s Status Bar

By Corey Sandler

The status bar is on the bottom of the NOOK Tablet touchscreen. The status bar looks different depending on what you’re doing.


Here’s what you may see on the left side of the status bar:

  • A green symbol tells you new software updates have been installed.

  • An envelope with an @ is a pronouncement that “You’ve got mail.”

  • Downward-pointing arrows tell you that new books, periodicals, or apps are in the process of downloading.

  • An open book stands ready to return you to the book you were most recently reading.

  • A red circle with a number informs you of notifications your tablet has received for LendMe, recommendations, software updates, or other system information.

  • If you’re listening to Pandora, a stylized P tells you music is in the air.

  • When the music player is doing its thing, an icon of red musical notes appears; tap it to return to the controls for that program.

  • A pair of heads appears when the NOOK Friends app has gotten an update; new contacts or other social items may have arrived.

  • Depending on what you’ve most recently been doing, you may see a left-pointing arrow that can take you to a previous activity.

On the right side of the status bar, you may see any or all of these five icons:

  • The stack of little curves is your wireless connection indicator. The higher the stack, the stronger the signal. No curves, no connection. Two or three curves are a good connection.

  • If the battery is full, so too is the actual battery in the tablet. If the battery is nearly empty, find an electrical outlet and attach the charger.

  • The clock is set like usual, but if you visit the Time Settings screen you can change it to a 24-hour clock. The clock has to display the correct time. The official time on your NOOK Tablet is used in regards to updates, downloads, and synchronized bookmarks.

  • A small speaker with a slash through it means you’ve muted the sound. You can unmute or adjust the volume of the audio in the Quick Settings window or in the full Settings menu.

Tap the right corner of the bar near the battery status indicator to open the Quick Settings dialog box. To close it, tap anywhere outside the box.