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Overview of the Keep Reading (and More) Ribbon on a NOOK Tablet

By Corey Sandler

Regardless of which panel of the NOOK Tablet Home screen you’re consulting, you can access the Keep Reading ribbon at the top, as well as the More menu.

The Keep Reading ribbon lists whatever you were most recently reading. When you first start using your NOOK Tablet there won’t be any books or periodicals to keep reading, because you can’t keep on keeping on with something you haven’t yet begun. The ribbon will somewhat cryptically indicate: Keep Reading: None.

When you go to the Home screen you’ll see the title of your most recent piece of reading right there next to Keep Reading. And then, on the right side of the Keep Reading ribbon, you’ll see the very promising More button.

To open the menu, tap the little down arrow next to More. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Books. Titles and authors of the three books you most recently opened.

  • Periodicals. Titles and publication dates of the three most recent periodicals you read.

  • Files. Titles and types of the three files you most recently opened in the my Files folder.

  • Netflix. Three recommendations from Netflix streaming video service, along with a link to log in to that service. (If you are already logged in, the menu shows your personal Netflix queue — movies you want to see — and three recommendations from it.)

If you haven’t opened any books, newspapers, periodicals, personal files, documents, or Netflix movies, those categories won’t appear on the menu.