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Overview of the Home Screen on a NOOK Tablet

By Corey Sandler

The Home screen is the default NOOK Tablet display (like the desktop on a desktop or laptop computer). The Home screen has two main areas:

  • A desktop you can change, customize, and update.

  • The Daily Shelf, which spreads across the bottom of the screen.


The desktop of the Home screen and the Daily Shelf scroll independently of each other. There are a couple of important sections of the Home screen:

  • The Keep Reading menu, which is a small ribbon at the very top.

  • Media shortcuts at the bottom.

You can get back to the Home screen from anywhere by pressing the Π button on the front of the device.

Home screen desktop

The Home screen is subdivided into three panels you can use in most any way you want; only one of the three is active at a time, but the other two are waiting in the wings. You can drag and drop a book, magazine, newspaper, or document to any one of the panels if you want it immediately available for tapping.

Which of the panels are you looking at? Check the easily overlooked panel indicators at the top of the screen. You’ll see three small circles. The solid white circle shows which panel is active; the other two panels, available but not active, are shown as an open circle. To move from one panel to another, swipe your finger left or right across the screen.

Open an item on the Daily Shelf or Home screen

Opening a book, magazine, newspaper, or app on the Home screen or Daily Shelf requires that you do one of these:

  • Tap the icon for the item.

  • Press and hold the icon for an item to display a menu. Then select Read. (Other choices, which may vary depending on the type of media or app, include View Details, Recommend, LendMe, and Remove from Home.)

Organize your Home screen

A desk can be a pretty scary place, with piles of paper from each of the half dozen or so projects. Don’t let this happen to your Home screen. Organize and rearrange items.

Here’s how to remove an item from the Home screen:

  1. Press and hold the item.

    A menu appears.

  2. Tap Remove From Home.

    The item is no longer shown on the Home screen, although you can get it if you burrow down into the stacks of your NOOK Tablet Library.

But wait, there’s more. How about rearranging and neatening your Home screen? You can ask the tablet to do these housekeeping tasks:

  • Stack. You can make your own pile of books, one on top of another. Just drag covers or icons on top of each other . . . up to a point: You can’t completely hide any cover.

  • Grid. If you want the tablet to automatically arrange all the covers in a neat grid, just double-tap any open area of the Home screen.

If you’ve got books stacked atop each other or haphazardly scattered around, you can also clean up an individual panel of the Home screen. Here’s how it appears onscreen:

  1. Press and hold a part of the wallpaper in the panel you want to clean up.

    A menu appears.

  2. Tap Clean Up This Panel.