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Overview of the Daily Shelf on a NOOK Tablet

By Corey Sandler

The Daily Shelf is a row of books, magazines, newspapers, and applications that runs along the bottom of the NOOK Tablet Home screen. These are items that you have recently opened, bought, downloaded, borrowed, or otherwise received.

You can manually move an item from your Library to the Daily Shelf. The latter holds only one issue; clicking The New York Times or Sweet Potato Monthly will open the most recent issue.

Leaving aside those that you have manually moved there, the following brings an item into the leftmost place of honor on the Daily Shelf:

  • Buying a book, magazine, newspaper, or app. Also, automatically receiving a new issue of a magazine or newspaper for which you have a subscription.

  • Downloading a free book or app.

  • Lending or borrowing a book. Getting a LendMe offer.

  • Getting a recommendation from a friend.

  • Opening an app that came with the tablet or one you bought from the NOOK store.

New publications or apps are marked with a little flag. The Daily Shelf automatically puts the newest items on the left; that doesn’t mean you have to keep the items in that order.

To rearrange covers, place your finger on an item and drag it up about an inch and then left or right and down to a new position. As you bring the item down, the books and magazines below it will move to make room. Just lift your finger and the book will go to its new home.

Applications, or apps, are programs you can load onto your tablet to do certain things (play games, get directions, and so on).

When you remove an item from the Daily Shelf (or if it is automatically taken away because you have reached the limit of 50), it remains in your Library. Think of it like this: When something goes away from the Daily Shelf, it is returned to its regular place on the back shelves until you ask for it once more.

Media shortcuts

Media shortcuts are quick access to different types of media you recently accessed (as well as some brazenly commercial recommendations of similar items you just might want to buy from the NOOK store).

Tap any one of the icons if you want to see what your NOOK Tablet has in mind for you:

  • Books

  • Newsstand (magazines and newspapers)

  • Video

  • Music

  • Apps

If you’d rather not have these on your Home screen, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the button.

    The quick nav bar comes up.

  2. Tap the Settings icon.

  3. Tap the Home settings button.

  4. Tap in the Media Shortcuts check box.

Remove an item from the Daily Shelf

You don’t have to wait for an item to be bumped from the Daily Shelf because of lack of room. If you want to get rid of a book shown there, you can remove it manually.

  1. Press and hold the item.

    A menu appears.

  2. Tap Remove From Home.

You can drag items from the Daily Shelf onto the Home screen. Items placed on a panel of the Home screen are always there to be seen (until you remove them), even if you pan left or right through the Daily Shelf.

Here’s how: Press and hold an icon in the Daily Shelf and keep your finger on it as you drag into an open area of the Home screen. When you lift your finger, the icon stays where you put it, and the Daily Shelf neatens itself up.

To return an item from the Home screen to the Daily Shelf, press and hold the item and drag it back down to the bottom.