Magazines on the NOOK Tablet - dummies

By Corey Sandler

Magazines come in all shapes, sizes, and special designs. Digital formats vary greatly; the way you see pages from a periodical using the NOOK Tablet may be different from one magazine to another and some may have interactive features.

Most magazines come in two views. You get to choose:

  • Page view shows the entire page, including text and images.

  • Article view shows text only.


Page view on the NOOK Tablet

This digital representation of the printed magazine has photographs, drawings, charts, and other elements. You’ll see small images in the lower half of the screen. Page view is available in both portrait and landscape modes.

  • To move through the magazine, swipe your finger along the thumbnail images.

  • Tap a page to jump directly to it; a progress bar below the images shows where you are in the entire issue.

  • As you read a page, tap the right side of the screen to move to the next page; tap the left side to go back a page.

    Why is navigating a magazine different than navigating a book? Good question. Magazine publishers use a different electronic design than book publishers.

  • To make the thumbnail images reappear, tap in the middle of the screen.

Article view on your NOOK

This format shows articles with few (or no) illustrations or photos. You can scroll through the text as you would in a book. You can always go back to page view to enjoy photographs and illustrations.


Navigate content on the NOOK Tablet

You can also go directly from article to article:

  1. Tap the center of the screen.

  2. Tap the Content icon at the bottom of the page.

    A window opens.

  3. Tap the cover, table of contents, or specific article.