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How to Search within a NOOK Tablet Book

By Corey Sandler

In most NOOK Tablet eBooks you can search for a particular word or phrase. However, if you’re using a public domain file that is just a picture of pages (rather than the actual text), searching is impossible.

The Find function can hunt through the text of a publication for a word or phrase. Here’s how to search:

  1. In the Reading Tools menu, tap the Find button.

  2. Tap a previous query or type a new search.

  3. Tap Done.


You can broaden or narrow your searches. You can individually select most of the places to look for a file. And you can also clear your history of recent searches (another way to protect your privacy on some level).

When you use it from the quick nav bar, the Search tool always looks in your NOOK Tablet Library; if you’re connected by WiFi to the Barnes and Noble Online Bookstore, it also looks for titles in the online shop. You can include or exclude other areas.

To change the places your NOOK Tablet will look, go to the Searchable Items screen:

  1. Press the ∩ button to display the quick nav bar.

  2. Tap the Settings button.

  3. On the Settings screen, tap Search (in the App Settings section).

    The Search Settings screen is displayed.

  4. Tap Searchable Items.

    A check box shows up by all the areas you can search; the Library and Shop are grayed out because you can’t remove them from searches.