How to Reawaken a Dead NOOK Tablet - dummies

By Corey Sandler

Okay, not really a dead unit. But some things can make a NOOK Tablet appear dead even when it isn’t ready for the recycle bin. The usual suspects look like the following.

Not enough battery power

The NOOK Tablet’s rechargeable battery doesn’t have an endless source of energy; you must recharge it. Depending on how you use your device (including whether you are online for an extended period of time), you may need to recharge the battery daily, or you may have to recharge it just once a week.

If your NOOK Tablet starts acting squirrely, check the battery level. Anytime the device is on the Home screen or in most text-based books, you will see a battery icon in the bottom-right corner. To see more precise information, go to Settings and then tap Device Info to see the percentage remaining.

Your recharger isn’t getting juice

Make sure the charger is plugged into a live outlet; try to avoid using an outlet that is controlled by a wall switch. If the charger is attached to a power strip, make sure that power strip is on. You can test an outlet or strip by plugging a lamp into it.

The recharger design can also be mischievous. There is a charger, and a separate USB cable runs between the charger and the tablet. Make sure that the cable is properly and fully attached at each end and that the little ∩ icon at the reader end of the cable glows. It’s orange while it charges and green when it’s done charging.