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How to Overcome NOOK Tablet’s E-mail Limitations

By Corey Sandler

Although the NOOK Tablet’s built-in email application works quite well, it does have a few limitations when compared to a computer-based program (like Windows Mail) or a web-based program (like Gmail or Hotmail).

  • It only displays the last 25 messages you’ve received. You can’t use your NOOK Tablet as a portable repository of your entire lifetime’s e-mail messages. That said, almost all e-mail services offer web-based access to your full account, including your extensive history of correspondence.

    Use the NOOK Tablet e-mail program for quick glances at the most pressing messages, and then switch over to the web when you need to go back from the future (at least 25 messages ago).

  • NOOK Tablet e-mail can work with either (or both) of the two most commonly used protocols for consumer communication: POP or IMAP. That means that if you need to also read corporate e-mail from a system that’s based on the Microsoft Exchange Server, you’ll need to make an adaptation.

    B&N will be happy to sell you (for a reasonable fee) a copy of the TouchDown app, which extends the NOOK Tablet for that purpose. Check out the B&N store and search for the TouchDown app.

  • The NOOK Tablet doesn’t let you import or sync with your computer’s Contacts list. That means you’ll have to create your own list of e-mail addresses on the tablet. But you can hope for a future update that will fix that.