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How to Improve Your NOOK Tablet Warranty

By Corey Sandler

Your NOOK Tablet comes with a warranty. Don’t be shy about calling technical support or visiting a Barnes & Noble store and seeing their specialist for help.

The basic warranty from Barnes & Noble protects against unit failure. If the screen stops lighting up, the speakers buzz instead of sing, or if WiFi is no longer wide nor of good fidelity, the company promises to repair or replace it with an equivalent model (which may be new or may be a “remanufactured” model returned by a previous owner). This sort of warranty is standard.

It’s important to understand what the warranty doesn’t cover:

  • Your NOOK Tablet tumbling to the floor.

  • Your NOOK Tablet getting caught in a folding recliner.

  • Your NOOK Tablet splashing into the bathtub.

You can, however, buy a bit of assurance (but not insurance). One is the B&N Protection Plan, which replaces or repairs your NOOK Tablet if there’s accidental damage two years from the day you bought it; it also extends the warranty against defects.

  • The plan costs about 25 percent of the original purchase price.

  • The plan doesn’t protect you against mishaps that aren’t accidental. If you admit to taking the NOOK into the shower or confess to microwaving it for science class, they’re not going to laugh along with you.

  • The plan doesn’t cover a lost or stolen NOOK Tablet. To protect against that, get in touch with your insurance agent to see if you’re protected under your homeowner’s or renter’s policy; some automobile policies also cover items that are stolen from a car.

Premium-level credit cards from American Express, MasterCard, and Visa generally offer added protection for devices that you’ve bought with those pieces of magic plastic. For example, they might offer 90-day theft coverage from the day of purchase and double the manufacturer’s warranty against part failure. Contact customer service for any credit cards you own to see if this is included.