How to Fully Shut Down Your NOOK Tablet - dummies

How to Fully Shut Down Your NOOK Tablet

By Corey Sandler

You’re likely to be asked to turn off your NOOK Tablet in places like airplanes, hospitals, and laboratories. Follow the instructions of flight attendants, doctors, nurses, and anyone else who has a real reason to ask you to turn off your NOOK Tablet.

To turn off the NOOK Tablet’s WiFi networking, tap the right end of the status bar to open the Quick Settings dialog box; then slide the Wireless switch to Off. Tap anywhere outside the Quick Settings dialog box to close it. Do the same, but choose On, to re-enable WiFi.

The biggest concern is the WiFi radio, although. There are those who think this is a bogus issue. WiFi is just about everywhere now, including hospitals and airplanes.

A slightly bigger concern would be cellular systems, although even that is probably not a real issue except on board an airplane; it’s not a matter of interference with the plane’s electronic systems but the fact that a cellphone trying to connect with cell towers on the ground could easily end up linking to dozens of antennas at the same time.