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How to Find Free Trial Apps for Your NOOK Tablet

By Corey Sandler

The good news about the NOOK Tablet is that it can learn new tricks when you download and install small special-purpose programs called apps, as in applications. The bad news is that most of them cost money. Many app developers let you test-drive their product in a free trial.

The smart news: If a developer offers a free trial, you should take advantage. It might take only a little bit to realize that the app is perfect for your needs; then you can pay the bill and have a copy of your very own. Or you might realize that it would be a waste of money to buy the app.

Look for a button labeled Free Trial as you browse the B&N app store. And be sure you understand the limitations.

  • Some free trials give you full functionality, but only for a short period of time.

  • Some free trials only give limited features.

  • Some free trials let you experiment with the product but don’t let you save or send anything you create using it.

If you accidentally somehow downloaded and paid for an app, get yourself quickly to a phone and call B&N Customer Service at 1-800-843-2665. They just may be able to uncharge your credit card.