How to Change the Home Page on Your NOOK Tablet Web Browser - dummies

How to Change the Home Page on Your NOOK Tablet Web Browser

By Corey Sandler

When you first use your NOOK Tablet’s web browser, the home page is the Barnes & Noble store, which is devoted to all things NOOK. You’re almost certainly going to want to return to there at some time, but you are likely to want something like a daily web-based newspaper or your social media page to be your home page.

To change your home page:

  1. Tap the Options menu.

    It’s at the far right of the address bar.

  2. Tap More Options.

    The Options menu closes and another menu opens.

  3. Tap the Settings option.

  4. On the Settings screen, tap Set Home Page.

    A dialog box opens.

  5. Type the web address (URL) for the page you want as your home page.

  6. Click OK.

In order to have easy access to the Barnes & Noble site after you change your home page, be sure to bookmark it. While you are on the Barnes & Noble page, do this:

  1. Press and hold anywhere on the page.

    Do it anywhere except sections that are active (such as links or fields on a form). A good choice is usually a blank piece of the screen.

  2. From the menu that appears, tap Bookmark This Page.

    A dialog box opens. And yes, it says Bookmark (at least in the first release of the software). It’s a Bookmark/Favorite.

  3. Enter a name for the bookmark.

  4. Accept the web address (URL) for the current location.

    Or you can edit the name via the keyboard.

  5. Tap in the Name field.

  6. Type something that identifies the bookmark.

  7. Tap OK.