How to Adjust the Web Page Content Settings on Your NOOK Tablet - dummies

How to Adjust the Web Page Content Settings on Your NOOK Tablet

By Corey Sandler

The NOOK Tablet’s browser has some features that not even the most advanced and costly tablets offer — among them, full-screen pages rather than the small versions aimed at smartphones.

To get to the Page Content settings:

  1. Start the web browser.

  2. Tap the Options menu.

    The Options menu is in the top right of the address bar. When you tap the Options arrow, a menu opens.

  3. Tap More Options.

  4. Tap Settings.

  5. In the Page Content settings section (at the top), choose an option:

    • Browser Mode. Tap the down arrow and select between Tablet Browser Mode and Desktop Browser Mode, which will give you full websites.

    • Text Size. Tap the down arrow to choose a standard text size. Your choices are Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, or Huge.

    • Default Zoom. Tap the down arrow to adjust how the tablet reacts to a double-tap for a zoom-in. Choices are Far, Medium, or Close.

    • Block Pop-Up Windows. The browser automatically blocks pop-ups (boxes that unexpectedly appear, and mostly to your annoyance). However, you may need or want to see them. You can block on or off from the Page Content settings of the web configuration options.

    • Load Images. Uncheck the box to load web pages with placeholders — not actual images. This makes most pages come up faster. You can tap the markers to show individual images.

    • Auto-Fit Pages. This nice option arranges web pages to fit the shape of your tablet automatically.

    • Enable JavaScript. Many websites use JavaScript to display animation or special effects. You’ll probably want to keep this on, although you might try shutting it off if you encounter problems with certain pages.

    • Set Home Page. The NOOK Tablet has the Barnes & Noble welcome page as its home (starting page) anytime you open the web browser. To change the home page, tap the down arrow. Either tap the Use Current Page button or type a web address in the address bar.