How to Add Wallpaper to the Home Screen of Your NOOK Tablet - dummies

How to Add Wallpaper to the Home Screen of Your NOOK Tablet

By Corey Sandler

The 16-million-color high-resolution display that sits behind the NOOK Tablet Home screen is a terrible thing to waste. You can select from patterns and pictures that come with the tablet, but why not post one of your own photos as the wallpaper?

You can change the wallpaper from the Home screen or by going to the Settings screen.

  1. On the Home screen, press and hold the existing wallpaper.

    A menu appears.

  2. Tap Change Wallpaper.

    Another dialog box offers two choices.

  3. Tap Wallpaper Gallery or Photo Gallery.

    Wallpaper is already on the NOOK Tablet. The photo gallery has images that come from one of these sources:

    • An image you have directly downloaded to your NOOK Tablet from a website or grabbed as a screen capture.

    • An image you transferred to the NOOK Tablet from a personal computer. (The image could, in turn, come from your digital camera or from a download from the Internet.)


    After you choose between Wallpaper Gallery or Photo Gallery, a new screen allows you to scroll through images until you find one you want to use. If you choose an image from the photo gallery, you can crop it to fit best. You need a vertical photo or drawing to fill the Home screen. (Images in the wallpaper gallery are already fitted for prime time.)

    If you decide you don’t want to change the wallpaper, tap anywhere outside the dialog box to close the menu. Or click the Cancel button in the gallery menu.

  4. Tap the Set Wallpaper button.