How to Access Quick Settings in the NOOK Tablet - dummies

How to Access Quick Settings in the NOOK Tablet

By Corey Sandler

The Quick Settings menu is an as-you-need-it menu available from the status bar. You’ll find the status bar on the bottom of the NOOK Tablet touchscreen.


Tap the right corner of the bar near the battery status indicator to open the Quick Settings dialog box. To close the Quick Settings dialog box, tap anywhere outside the box.


The Quick Settings dialog box has these settings:

  • Battery. Right off the bat is an entry that’s not really a setting. Its bar graph and percentage tell you the status of the rechargeable battery. A full bar and 100% are roughly twice as good as a half bar and 50%. The display also tells you if the NOOK Tablet is currently (get it?) being charged.

  • WiFi Toggle Switch. Drag the WiFi toggle to On to turn on the wireless radio; Off shuts its down, which helps save battery power. When your NOOK Tablet is connected to a network, you will see the name of the network in use.

  • Mute. Tap the check box to mute or unmute beeps or squawks from the system meant as notification.

  • Auto-Rotate Screen. When you go online or read certain documents, the NOOK Tablet automatically switches orientation when you rotate it. The standard orientation for the NOOK Tablet is what computer folk call portrait mode. If you rotate the tablet, it switches to landscape mode. That brings you to the Auto-Rotate Screen check box: Tap it to turn the feature on or off.

  • Brightness. Tap to open a dialog box that has a slider, so you can make the screen brighter or dimmer. A dimmed screen may be easier on your eyes and save a bit of battery power, allowing you to read longer between recharges. After moving the slider, tap OK to put your preference into effect.