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What You Can Do with an Unregistered NOOK

By Corey Sandler

Owning and operating an unregistered NOOK is a bit like having an unregistered car in your garage. You can play around with it, try out some of its features, but you can’t take it out on the road. Here’s what you can do with an unregistered NOOK:

  • You can side-load and install public domain books and books obtained from sources other than Barnes & Noble. You can download an EPUB or PDF file to your laptop or personal computer and then connect the NOOK using the USB cable, allowing the transfer of these files to your personal document folder on the reader.

  • You can read any books or personal documents on your NOOK. You can also use all of the local features, including placing bookmarks, highlighting passages, and taking notes.

  • You can listen to music or audio books you have brought to the device from sources other than the Barnes & Noble website.

  • You can browse the B&N shop, but you cannot purchase anything or download any free samples.

  • If you bring your unregistered NOOK to a Barnes & Noble store, you will be able to connect to the wireless system there. You will be able to receive special offers delivered to users in the store, but you cannot purchase electronic books or periodicals until you register. You also cannot use the Read In Store feature to browse chapters of many electronic books.

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