The NOOK Color Apps - dummies

By Corey Sandler

The NOOK Color is capable of making use of a number of apps that extend its functions. Although the underlying technology of the NOOK Color (both hardware and software) is not that different from a multipurpose tablet device, Barnes & Noble has made it clear that it sees the world through a “reader-centered” telescope.

What does that mean? Apps that are acceptable for sale through the B&N website for the NOOK Color are supposed to enhance the reading experience with tools for research, communication, and more-or-less related calendar and basic productivity.

And just for good measure, Barnes & Noble has made it difficult if not impossible for you to install an app that is not delivered from the company’s own store. Although the NOOK Color runs the Android operating system in its 2.1 version, you cannot buy or obtain apps that will work on your eReader from Google Play or other sources of Android software.

It is possible to “root” a NOOK Color to remove or push aside the modified operating system installed by Barnes & Noble and replace it with a generic version of Android that will work with a wide range of apps and perform some other functions not included in the B&N plan. Doing so, though, could cause you problems if you ever need service under the device’s warranty.

NOOK apps are available for NOOK hardware as well as for

  • Apple iPad tablets

  • Android tablets (including Samsung, Kobo, and other devices)

  • Apple iPhone smartphones

  • Android smartphones

  • Windows PCs

  • Apple Macintosh computers

In 2012, Barnes & Noble also introduced NOOK for Web, which allows access to reading material on any device capable of accessing the Internet.

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