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Security Protocols the NOOK eReader Recognizes

By Corey Sandler

The NOOK Color and NOOK Simple Touch devices recognize and support the most commonly used WiFi security protocols, listed in a rough order of strength of security:

  • 802.1x EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol). Part of the 802.1x basic set of wireless networking schemes.

  • WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). An early attempt at security, now less favored for secure communications, surpassed by WPA. Recognition of WEP is maintained to keep compatibility with older systems.

  • WPA/WPA2 PSK (WiFi Protected Access, in its original and second generation form). WPA usually employs a PSK (Pre-shared Key) for access and is the most secure protocol used in public wireless systems. If you’re setting up a system, this is generally the best to use.

What should this alphabet soup mean to you? Not much, really. All you need to know is the key or password you need to get online; your NOOK eReader will figure out which scheme is being used and do the tough work of introducing itself and opening a channel for chitchat and shopping.

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