NOOK eReader Library Synchronization - dummies

By Corey Sandler

As soon as you, your NOOK, and the Barnes & Noble website are married, the electronic reader will download a copy of the list of titles in your online digital library. From that point on, the NOOK will keep the local listing (or “catalog”) in sync with the online equivalent.

The NOOK will automatically download the five most recently purchased books or periodicals purchased from within the 30 days prior to registration. And it will automatically download any future purchases from the store. Beyond that, though, the NOOK will not assume that you want to download all of the content in your library; it will only bring to the reader the items you ask for.

Here’s what you get when you synchronize:

  • If you made a purchase (or obtained a free book) through the website and have not downloaded it to your NOOK eReader or to an application on another device, that title will be zoomed into local memory.

  • If you have begun reading one of your books or publications on one device and are now picking it up on a different one, synchronizing will update your bookmarks and ensure that you open to the same page you last perused.

  • If you have archived or saved a periodical or book from your NOOK eReader to hold it in deep storage back at the online library, the synchronization process will do the same for copies of the same content on other devices.

Any book you purchase from B&N remains in your account even if you do not download a local copy to your NOOK. In that way you can bring back an older title if you want to read it again, or you can transfer reading material to a new device at a later time.

Commercial books, those books you purchase from a publisher or through an eBook store like or other retailers should come with an image of the cover along with all of the text. Some free books, generally older titles that are no longer under copyright protection, may include an image of the title if the individual or group that has converted it to a digital file has chosen to include it. But some older books are just scans or pictures of the text encased within a generic cover that consists only of its title.

Here’s when synchronization occurs:

  • If your NOOK Color or NOOK Simple Touch is within reach of a WiFi network to which it has been granted access, an automatic sync will take place early every morning before 6 am local time.

  • Any time you sign on and buy something in the Shop.

  • Any time a WiFi connection is established and it has been at least 12 hours since the last time library synchronization was performed.

  • If you manually call for an update while a wireless connection is established. Do this by tapping on the Sync icon (a pair of arrows chasing each other around in a circle) visible on the Library page.

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