How to Use Your Nexus 7 as a Clock - dummies

How to Use Your Nexus 7 as a Clock

Your tablet gives you several options for use as a clock using the Clock App. Your Nexus 7 keeps constant, accurate track of the time, which is displayed at the top of the Home screen as well as on the lock screen.

Start the Clock app from the All Apps screen to witness the time displayed, big-size, on your Nexus 7. As a bonus, you can also see the day and date. That’s handy, but it just isn’t enough, so you can set alarms as well. Yes, the Nexus 7 can be your alarm clock.

To set an alarm, touch the Set Alarm button. You see a list of current alarms — plus, an Add Alarm button, used to create new alarms. The process works like this:


  1. Touch the Add Alarm button in the Alarms window.

    The Set Alarm screen appears.

  2. Place a blue check mark in the Turn Alarm On box to activate the alarm.

    It’s possible to create an alarm but not turn it on. You probably want to turn the alarm on at this time. You can also set an alarm from the Alarms screen.

  3. Touch the Time button to set the alarm’s time.

    Use the gizmos to set the alarm’s hour and minute and a.m. or p.m.; drag the numbers up or down. Touch the Done button to set the alarm time.

  4. Touch the Repeat button to determine the alarm’s frequency.

    Place a blue check mark by the days of the week you want the alarm to sound.

    If you don’t choose a day and the Repeat value is set to Never, the alarm becomes a one-time alarm. You must set it the day before you want it to trigger.

  5. Choose Ringtone to specify which sound plays for the alarm.

  6. Touch the Label text box to give the alarm a name.

    The name you choose appears on the tablet’s screen when the alarm goes off, so be clever. For example, Wake up, and Get to the airport, and Annoy my spouse are excellent examples of good, descriptive labels.

  7. Touch the OK button to create the alarm.

    You see your alarm in the list in the Alarms window. Ensure that there’s a check mark by the alarm; the check mark sets the alarm.

  8. Touch the Done button.

Alarms must be set or else they don’t trigger.

When the alarm goes off, you can touch the Dismiss button to tell the tablet, “Okay! I’m up!” Or you can touch the Snooze button to be annoyed again after ten minutes.

  • Information about a set alarm appears on the Clock app’s screen as well as on the Nexus 7’s lock screen.

  • When an alarm is set, the Alarm notification appears in the Status area atop the screen, as shown in the margin. It’s your all-the-time clue that an alarm is set and ready to trigger.

  • The Snooze duration is set by touching the Settings button on the Alarms screen. It’s normally ten minutes.

  • To edit an alarm, choose it from the Alarms screen. Make your changes, and then touch the OK button.

  • Turning off an alarm doesn’t delete the alarm.

  • To remove an alarm, long-press it and choose the option Delete Alarm from the menu. Touch the OK button to confirm.

  • The alarm doesn’t work when you turn off the Nexus 7. The alarm does, however, go off when the tablet is sleeping.