How to Unlock Your Nexus 7 With Your Face - dummies

How to Unlock Your Nexus 7 With Your Face

Don’t smash your nose into the Nexus 7! The Face Unlock setting allows you to get access to your Nexus 7 simply by looking at it. Or, well, someone could hold up a picture of you to unlock the tablet. Perhaps Google didn’t think of that?

To set the Face Unlock option, follow these steps:

  1. Get to the Choose Screen Lock window.

  2. Choose Face Unlock.

    In the directions on the screen that you probably didn’t read, it says that Face Unlock is less secure than other forms of locking the phone. But it’s fun, so what the heck?

  3. Touch the Set It Up button.

  4. Hold up the tablet so that it’s facing you at eye level — as though you were using the Nexus 7 as a mirror.

  5. Touch the Continue button.

  6. Line up your face with the oval dots on the screen, and then hold the tablet steady as the dots change from white to green.

  7. Upon success, touch the Continue button.

  8. Choose Pattern or PIN to set a backup lock for those numerous times that Face Unlock fails.

  9. After confirming the pattern or PIN lock, touch the OK button.

    The Face Unlock is now ready for action.

Most of the time, Face Unlock works fine. When it doesn’t, you need to use the backup pattern or PIN lock. You also need to use the pattern or PIN whenever you need to change the lock.