How to Take a Picture of a Contact on Your Nexus 7 - dummies

How to Take a Picture of a Contact on Your Nexus 7

Nothing can be more delicious than snapping an inappropriate picture of someone you know and using it as his contact picture on your Nexus 7. Then, every time he calls you, that embarrassing, potentially career-ending photo comes up.

Oh, and you could use nice pictures as well, but what’s the fun in that?

To use the Nexus 7 to snap a picture of a contact, follow these steps:

  1. Locate and display the contact’s information.

  2. Touch the Edit button.

  3. Touch the Contact Picture icon button.

  4. To take a self-portrait, or to hand the Nexus 7 to the contact and have them snap their own picture, choose the command Take Photo.

    If you’re replacing a photo, choose the command Take New Photo.

  5. Use the Nexus 7 like a mirror to snap a picture. Touch the blue Shutter button to take the picture.

  6. Review the picture.

    Nothing is set yet. If you want to try again, touch the Refresh button and start over in Step 5.

  7. Touch the Check Mark button to confirm the new image.

  8. Crop the image.


  9. Touch the OK button to crop the image.

    The image is cropped but not yet assigned.

  10. Touch the Done button to finish editing the contact.

    The image is now assigned, and it appears whenever the contact is referenced on your Nexus 7.

This process demonstrates one of the rare times you can use the front-facing camera on your Nexus 7 to snap a picture.

To remove a contact’s picture, choose the Remove Photo command in Step 4.