How to Sort Contacts on Your Nexus 7 - dummies

How to Sort Contacts on Your Nexus 7

You may already have some contacts that need sorting in your Nexus 7. That’s because your Google account was synchronized with the tablet when you first set things up. Because all your Gmail and other types of contacts on the Internet were duplicated on the tablet, you already have a host of friends available. The place where you can access these folks is the People app.

Your contacts are displayed in the People app in a certain order: alphabetically by first name, first name first. You can change the order, if you like. Here’s how:

  1. Start the People app.

  2. Touch the Menu icon button.

  3. Choose Settings.

    The Display Options screen appears, which shows you the settings for viewing your contacts.

  4. Choose the Sort List By command to specify how contacts are sorted: by first name or last name.

    The People app is configured to show contacts by first name.

  5. Choose View Contact Names By to specify how the contacts appear in the list: first name first or last name first.

    The People app shows the contacts listed by first name first.

There’s no right or wrong way to display your contacts — only whichever method you’re used to.