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How to Set Up Your Nexus 7

The final act of setting up your Nexus 7 tablet is to tell it a bit about yourself. Specifically, you need to coordinate your Google account with the tablet. Doing so gives you mobile access to your Gmail, Calendar, YouTube, and other, myriad Google accounts. Further, you need to set up some other tablet features, such as your language, the Wi-Fi networking connection, and location services.

If initial setup was already done for you by the friendly salespeople where you bought your Nexus 7, you’re good to go. Otherwise, the account setup adventure begins by turning on the Nexus 7 for the first time. Heed these directions:

  1. Press the Power Lock button.

    You may have to press it longer than you think. When you see the text Google appear on the screen, the Nexus 7 has started. (You can release the button.)

  2. Unlock the Nexus by dragging the Unlock button out toward the unlocking ring.


    To drag the button, touch it with your finger. Keep your finger on the touchscreen and drag down, left, or right. The unlocking ring doesn’t appear until you move the Unlock button. Lift your finger when the Unlock button changes.

    Normally when you unlock the Nexus 7, you can start doing things. (That discussion comes later.) Because you’re starting the tablet for the first time, you have to run through the setup process. The first thing to do is to tell the Nexus 7 which language to use.

  3. Optionally, choose your language.

    On the tablet’s screen, it says English (United States). If you need to change the language, touch the Menu triangle (shown in the margin, and found in the lower-right corner of the Language button) to choose another language.

  4. Touch the Big Triangle button to proceed.

    The triangle button is shown in the margin.

    The next step is to set up the Wi-Fi connection.

  5. Choose a Wi-Fi network.

    Assuming that a Wi-Fi network is in range, select it on the screen. Or when you see multiple Wi-Fi networks available, pick the one you use most often.

    When the Wi-Fi network name doesn’t show up, touch the Plus (+) button at the bottom of the screen, next to the text Other Network. You can always add more Wi-Fi networks later, so skipping this step is okay.

  6. Type the password using the keyboard that appears on the screen.

  7. Touch the Connect button.

    Watch in amazement as the tablet connects to the wireless network.

    The next step is to configure your Google account, associating it with the Nexus 7. If you don’t yet have a Google account, get one!

  8. If necessary, obey the directions on the screen to sign in to your Google account; fill in the information as prompted.

    This step may not be necessary, if you already have a Google account and use Google for your mobile devices. In this case, Google may instantly recognize you (which is pretty amazing) and identify your Google account. If so, type your Gmail password, and then touch the big triangle to log in to your Gmail account.

  9. At the Backup and Restore Screen, ensure that both options are selected, and then touch the Big Triangle button to continue.

    Information from your Google account is then synchronized with the Nexus 7, including contacts, calendars, YouTube information, bookmarks from the Chrome browser, and a host of other goodies.

    The next, and final, step is to specify which location services the tablet uses.

  10. Ensure that all check boxes for the location services are selected.

    The location services help the Nexus 7 locate wherever you are on Planet Earth. They’re used for navigating, finding locations, checking out people near you, and engaging in other fun activities. It is highly recommended that you activate the location services.

  11. Touch the Big Triangle to continue.

    Setup is complete.

  12. Touch the Big Triangle to start using your Nexus 7.